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V Design Houz

Creating Inspired Spaces.

Our Services

  • Kitchen & Bath Remodels for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, entire homes including extensions.
  • 3D Renderings & Space Planning for maximizing interior flow and layout, to help clients visualize their new space through high quality photorealistic 3d models and renderings.
  • Custom Designs includes selection and buying of furniture, furnishings, floor coverings, lighting, accessories, and art for specific rooms or the whole house.
  • Designer By Your Side  to guide you to pick colors or materials for one or more rooms, preferred/recommended mostly for an ongoing remodel or renovation.
  • Custom furniture & cabinetry design
  • Custom window treatments
  • Purchasing, Project Management & Installation

3D Renderings & Space Planning

With 3D models, photorealistic renderings, and walkthroughs, we create and tell a story. A story of your brand new space so you can visualize how lighting, paint colors, and textures work within the space. It also helps in understanding the design decisions, well before the construction starts. We also finalize themes, layouts, space planning and floor plans to render a space that’s most efficient in both aesthetics and functionality. You also have the flexibility to use your own designs for renderings.

Please check with us for our 3D rendering rate card sample work.

Custom Design

Colors, fabrics, textures bring a space alive! We are passionate about using these elements to create a beautiful space that relates to you. We can start with a blank canvas or with existing pieces of furniture while adding high quality and custom pieces within your budget. Our redesign service includes space planning, furniture & furnishings, floor coverings, color consultation, lighting, window treatments, accessories & art. This could be a full service where we do design, selections as well as purchasing, delivery and installation or à la carte where you can select the specific services you need.

It is charged based on number of rooms.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Kitchen and bath are the two most detail oriented spaces in any home and require utmost attention when designing. At V Design Houz we help you get the most functional yet beautiful bath and kitchen layout for your home. Whether its tiles, plumbing fixtures, countertops or flooring we consider selecting the right materials one of the most important aspects to any remodel. This is a full service and incudes space planning, detailed floor plans, materials selection, custom cabinetry/vanity design. We also assist you with third party consultations, project management and installation.

All remodel services are charged hourly at $90.00 per hour.

Designer By Your Side

So finally, you have hired a contractor to start that remodel or renovation you have been thinking about for so long! Work has started, its going well, but you are overwhelmed! Will that countertop go well with that flooring? Which backsplash should I select for master bath? Would polished chrome finish be better or polished nickel for the hardware? What accent wall color is best for the wall opposite kitchen in living room? If these are your design dilemmas, Designer By The Day service is your perfect fit! 

Our consultation fee for this is $300 for 3 hours and $90.00 for every hour thereafter. 

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